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Long reach vaccinator


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User friendly vaccination system  for large animals.

The vaccinator has been developed in cooperation with Dutch veterinary practitioners in order to simplify the injection of large number of animals. 
With the separatel
y available parts:.
  • Frame
  • Steripump
  • Marker
  • Bottle Holder 
  • Vary-dose
  • Safeprint


Everything needed for vaccination is held in one hand so that the other hand remains free for marking the vaccinated animals. There are no long, vulnerable tubes connecting the vial to the steripump.

Injection goes smoother, more accurately and without unnecessary extra strain on the back, knees or other parts of the body of the operator.

Per full pumping stroke a max of 2 ml can be dosed accurately.

In order to get optimum result and avoid the transmission of disease, which are among other things the objective of GVP (Good Veterinary Practice). it is strongly recommended to leave frame on the farm and to use a new steripump  according to GVP.

It is easy to assemble with a click-on device. The frame and steripump together form a lightweight, easy to use injection system.
The steripump is designed for use for a period of one vaccination round. On hygienic grounds and in accordance with the rules and regulations of GVP.


Long reach vaccinator






  To mark animals:
  • Super light
  • Large range
  • Light tipping is sufficient
  • Safe print remains visable for 2- 3 days