A disposable injection system the Pullet

For secure and continuous injecting of fowl and livestock
The Disposable Injection System, the Pullet, consists of a sterilised syringe and a handle provides with  a preset dosage volume.
* Designed in consultation with vaccination teams
* Suitable for use with a wide range of viscosity injection fluids
* Optional double application system enables simultaneous injection of different fluids and dosages
* Significantly reduces labour costs

It is easy to assemble and with a click-on device, the handle and syringe together form a lightweight, easy to use injection system.
The disposable syringe is designed for use for a period of one day. For maximum hygiene, it is recommended to disposed the syringe after each session. 
This saves a great deal of time by avoiding cleaning and sterilising as is normally required with other systems. It is recommended that the handles, which can be used over a long period of time, are disinfected after each session.

This disposable injection system supplies the following standard connections: 

mobile connection

Offers the user greater mobility, necessary when performing a high quality injection bottle of injection fluid can be easily carried upside down in the user’s pocked.
needle connection

Incorporating the luer device for mounting the injection needle suitable for injecting large quantities in a static position, i.e. for use in injecting liquids
ordinairy connection

With the suction tube inserted via the lid. Offering some mobility this is often used in vaccination of day-olds against Marek’s Disease.

The Pullet disposable injection system:

  • Is safe
    • Reduced risk of contamination
    • Supplied in sterilised packaging
  • Is convenient
    • Complete, lightweight injection set, ready for use
    • Luer syringe locking device
    • Easy connection with bottles and collapsable bags
  • Is secure
    • Exact preset dosage from 0.1 to 1.0 ml.
  • Is good value
    • No capital outlay
    • Disposable, no cleaning or sterilising necessary
  • Is versatile
    • Suitable for chicks, hens other fowl, fish and livestock